Treats Cellulite and Reduces Cirumference

VelaShape III for Cellulite Reduction

VelaShape– We believe that it’s important to have options. That’s why at the Aesthetic Center of Orange County, we have several effective, evidence based strategies available for addressing your body contouring and aesthetic needs. Based in Newport Beach, we specialize not only in body contouring surgery but we also offer a variety of non-invasive, surgery-free strategies that are medically proven and FDA approved for body sculpting, body tightening, and cellulite reduction.

One such solution is known as VelaShapeIII. It is the third edition of the VelaShape system, and by far the most effective, as this treatment has gone through a variety of upgrades ever since it was first released to the public. VelaShape III is the most comprehensive of the VelaShape devices and combines multiple treatment modalities into one device. The safety and effectiveness of this treatment have been proven time and time again and VelaShape III boosts a 97% patient satisfaction rating. With more than 5 million VelaShape treatments performed world-wide, the popularity of VelaShape III is growing day by day.

VelaShape III: Synergistic Use of Energies for Fat Reduction & SkinTightening

VelaShape III is a body contouring and tightening device that can be used on its own for superficial fat reduction, for skin tightening, and /or for cellulite reduction. It provides these benefits using four separate modalities that include:

  • Infrared Light- Heats the tissue up to 3 mm in depth
  • Bipolar Radio Frequency – Heats the tissue up to 15 mm in depth
  • Pulsed Vacuum- Ensures preside delivery of energy
  • Massage – Enhances circulation, heat penetration, and lymphatic drainage


The result is localized circumference reduction and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

In multi-center clinical studies, VelaShape III demonstrated 2.6 cm of reduction in abdominal circumference and at least 1.5 cm of reduction in thigh circumference after a single treatment session. This is primarily due to the ability of the VelaShape III to reduce superficial fat as well as its skin tightening modality.


Although, VelaShape III is capable of reducing superficial fat pockets, the fat reduction is not as powerful as UltraShape or CoolSculpting. Thus, in our practice, VelaShape III plays a complimentary role to the other technologies such as CoolSculpting and UltraShape. Our premier treatment packages include combined CoolSculpting and VelaShape III or UltraShape and VelaShape III during the same treatment session.

Whereas CoolSculpting or UltraShape are used to damage the deeper fat cells, VelaShape III is employed to damage the superficial fat and to tighten the skin. In this manner, not only fat loss is maximized but also the skin looseness that results from fat reduction is immediately managed and minimized. These results are enhanced further with multiple VelaShape III treatment sessions that are weekly or biweekly spaced.

Cellulite Reduction: Proven Technology for Proven Effectiveness

VelaShape III is very popular for addressing cellulites, especially in areas like the buttocks and thighs. FDA-approved for cellulite reduction, VelaShape III uses a pulsed vacuum to draw up skin and cottage cheese fatty bumps of the cellulite into the VelaShape III machine applicator, where these tissues are exposed to heat and light via the radio frequency and infrared devices, respectively. The infrared heats up the superficial skin and the bipolar radio frequency heats up the superficial fatty layer under the skin.

Coupled with pulsed vacuum, the 2 synergistic energies heat up the tissues deeper and faster. As the applicator is moved over the targeted cellulite, infrared light and radio frequency energy are continuously delivered to the treatment area. The combination of infrared and vacuum-coupled radio frequency causes deep heating of the fat cells (adipocytes), their surrounding connective fibrous septa and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This results in increased cellular metabolism and collagen deposition. Once finished, the massage roller will then complete the process and ensure that the treatment is spread evenly over the targeted area.

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Found them through Google and was happy to see they had great reviews, but I must say I was 10x as impressed with the facility and staff once I experienced it in person...

Andrea KayGoogle 5 Star Review

I had a series of cool sculpting with Chelsea who was very welcoming and very professional. She was very knowledgeable about the whole process and answered all my questions which put me at ease. I will definitely go back for more treatments in the future .

Lilia HoddinottGoogle 5 Star Review

Coolsculpting is helping me get rid of a family tradition I never wanted...a double chin & an undefined jawline. What I like most about Coolscultping is that there is NO downtime! I can have it done after a day of work, it's quick, virtually pain free, & after treatment I go about my day. I can go to work the next day & there is no sign of having a procedure done. Gradually, overtime, the reflection in the mirror gets better & better!

Dana BarbourGoogle 5 Star Review

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“This place was amazing and can’t say enough about Andrea who assisted me!! Naturally, I was a bit nervous, but she made me instantly feel comfortable and had me laughing the whole time I was there. Her knowledge on the machines and procedures was also very impressive. Thank you to Andrea and her wonderful team!!!”

Michael MelikianGoogle Review

I go to Chelsea for lip and cheek fillers and neuromodulators . She takes time to understand my aesthetic goals and is meticulous when injecting. She makes the experience comfortable and easy . I highly recommend and trust Chelsea .

Laura J.Yelp Review

Such an amazing facility and staff. I had Micro needling with PRP done and I couldn’t believe how well my face looks. My melasma is practically gone and it cleaned out and shrunk my pores- all after one treatment. Definitely worth the price.

Gabriela LunaGoogle Review

I received 4 cool-sculpting sessions, 2 on each arm and I was very pleased with the results. If you're looking for incremental changes, I definitely recommend cool sculpting. It noticeably toned my arms and I'm a lot more comfortable wearing sleeveless tops now.

Selene E.Yelp Review
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The Aesthetic Center in Newport Beach is a 7,000 square foot, state of the art facility. Located in the heart of Orange County within a couple of miles of John Wayne airport. We have all the latest technologies for non invasive cosmetic treatments. In addition to Profound Microneedling we have CoolSculpting, EMSculpt, Geneveve, CO2RE, and more.

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