UltraShape– At The Aesthetic Center of Orange County, we are one of the few providers of a very popular new non-surgical body contouring technology known as UltraShape, which eliminates fat cells all without any surgery, cuts, recovery time, or complications. Using only ultrasound waves – the same ultrasound used to see inside of the womb during pregnancy – scientists were able to find a successful, research proven way to target fat cells and shape the body, all without any invasive surgery. Learn more about treatment areas for UltraShape.

What is UltraShape?

UltraShape is a relatively new technology, so it’s not uncommon to have questions about the procedure. UltraShape is specifically designed for body contouring, or “shaping” of the body to match your ideal aesthetic goals.

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How Does UltraShape Work?

UltraShape relies on ultrasound. It focuses ultrasound waves directly on subcutaneous fat inside of the body in order to cause pressure on fat cells until they rupture. Over time, your body removes the fat cells naturally, and you are left with a better contoured body.

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The Science of UltraShape

UltraShape is based on sound, medically verified science, and has received a significant amount of attention and studies that have all shown that UltraShape can successfully eliminate fat, and that there are no known side effects, complications, or significant discomforts about the procedure.

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The Technology of UltraShape

UltraShape uses a special tool that is gently placed over the body to deliver targeted pulses that penetrate beneath the surface of the skin. These pulses are a specific frequency that is known to affect fat cells while leaving other cells unharmed, thus providing weight loss with no other damage to the body.

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Good Candidates for UltraShape Fat Loss

One of the main advantages of UltraShape is that it is non-surgical, which means there are far fewer restrictions for those that want to undergo the procedure. However, not everyone is going to be a good candidate for UltraShape. The best way to learn is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Agha.

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UltraShape Results

UltraShape is known to deliver outstanding results in most areas all over the body. These results are the main reason that UltraShape’s use has grown so quickly across Orange County, and why it is such a popular choice for non-surgical body contouring.

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UltraShape Reviews

UltraShape is a newer procedure, but it has already received raved reviews not only from UltraShape practitioners, but also from patients. It holds a very high approval rating on RealSelf, and is one of the most sought after non-invasive body contouring procedures available.

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UltraShape Recovery

Because it is not a surgical procedure (there are no cuts, no anesthesia, no invasive techniques), recovery for UltraShape is swift and easy. Many people are able to go back to work right away, and few – if any – report even a small amount of discomfort or issues after the procedure is over.

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Difference Between UltraShape and CoolSculpting

UltraShape is one of the most effective non-invasive body contouring options available, but it is not the only one. Another popular body contouring procedure is CoolSculpting, which uses cold to crystallize and damage fat cells, rather than ultrasound. At The Aesthetic Center of Orange County we offer both Ultrashape and CoolSculpt technologies for non-invasive fat reduction. But how do the two compare?

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UltraShape Risks

UltraShape is a low risk procedure, because there is no surgery or risk of complications. The lack of UltraShape risks are some of the main reasons that the procedure is such a popular choice among those that want alternatives to surgery. Dr Siamak Agha is a board certified plastic surgeon. 

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