Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, it is important to make sure that you have researched the procedure thoroughly, and that you are prepared for any risks or complications that could arise from the process. Whether it’s surgery or a non-invasive procedure like UltraShape, make sure you have taken the time to understand the risks of the procedure so that you are ready for what’s ahead.

UltraShape was only recently FDA approved, but it has been used in other countries since 2000, so research into UltraShape risks have been well documented. In this article, we’ll explore the risks of UltraShape.

What Are UltraShape’s Risks?

The good news about UltraShape is that currently there are no true documented risks – at least in terms of serious complications. UltraShape, as a non-invasive procedure, has no risks of infection, bleeding, clotting, and other serious setbacks, and since there is no pain and no significant temperature changes there are few to no minor risks as well.

In order to understand and maximize your comfort, however, we’ll explore some of the possible risks that you should be aware of with regard to UltraShape. These risks include:

  • Irritation and Mild Bruising

Although rare overall, some patients have reported some redness and irritation around the site of the treatment. It is more likely in those with very sensitive skin, and those that are prone to bruising. Other non-invasive body contouring procedures almost always have bruising and redness, but with UltraShape the risk is considered very mild and the bruising and irritation is usually very small and will relieve itself in a few days.

As mentioned, irritation and bruising is rare. But if you are concerned about it, or you have sensitive or easy to bruise skin, let Dr. Agha know before your procedure.

  • Blister

In one study, one patient did report the development of a blister around the treatment area. It has not occurred since with other patients, and the patient still successfully experienced and enjoyed the procedure with no other setbacks. It is not clear if the blister was caused by UltraShape, but it is considered something to pay attention to.

  • Weight Regain Without Diet/Exercise

As far as complications, those two issues are the only known risks of UltraShape. It is considered an incredibly safe procedure – even more so than other non-invasive body contouring procedures.

However, patients of UltraShape should be aware that, although all of the fat cells eliminated by UltraShape are permanently removed, the fat cells that remain can still grow and expand if you gain any additional weight. This is true of all body contouring procedures, but especially true of some of the non-invasive procedures, like UltraShape, since not all fat cells are eliminated.

No Real Complications, No Real Risks

UltraShape is one of the safest and most effective procedures out there for shaping the body without surgery. This makes it one of the most effective strategies for addressing your body shape, and one of the most pain free and relaxed procedures currently available.

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