In the past five years there has been significant growth into the research and application of non-invasive (surgery free) body contouring technology. Yet compared to other options available on the market today, UltraShape stands alone as one of the only body contouring treatment options capable of eliminating fat cells without extreme cold or heat, and has quickly become the highest rated non-invasive contouring tool available today.

The Machinery Behind UltraShape

UltraShape compares favorably to other effective non-invasive body contouring tools, not only in results but also in technology. Most other non-invasive body contouring technologies on the market today use radiofrequency, or extreme hot to damage fat cells. This can create discomfort and irritation that makes the process unpleasant, and delivers varying results depending on the type of technology used.

The UltraShape system is different. First, a special belt is placed around your body to prepare you for the procedure, and a gel – much like the gel used to see babies in the womb – will be placed on your skin. Our Ultrashape technician will then use a tool, known as a “transducer,” that delivers the ultrasonic pulses over your body, focusing its energy directly on fat cells while leaving all other cells in the body (skin, tissues, etc.) completely unharmed.

UltraShape also differs from other technology in a variety of ways:

  • Mechanism of Targeting Fat – Not only does UltraShape use ultrasound impulses, which no other technology offers, but it doesn’t require a pinching of the fat to address cells. It can simply be placed over the skin, and the transducer will send the pulses directly into the skin at 1.5 centimeters below the surface. Each impulse is recorded via an overhead computer imaging system that monitors the position of each delivered ultrasound.
  • No Thermal Changes – Rather than “killing” cells through heat or cold, UltraShape’s technology creates bubbles in between fat cells that change the pressure of the surrounding areas, causing cells to rupture rather than die. The result is the same – elimination of fat cells.

Perhaps most fascinating is the way that UltraShape targets fat cells. With other forms of non-invasive body contouring, the cells are heated or cooled to a temperature that damages fat cells while leaving other cells generally unaffected. UltraShape simply uses a frequency (much like the vibrations from a speaker) that only target fat cells, so other cells are essentially untouched.

Because of the way this technology selectively targets fat cells without any temperature changes, the process is entirely painless, with little to no discomfort after it is over. Although most non-invasive fat treatments have a fast recovery time and no significant complications, some create numbness, tingling, or bruising that can last for a few weeks. UltraShape does not appear to have any of these issues for the vast majority of patients, and no known complications have been reported.

Discover UltraShape For Yourself in Orange County

It’s this painless, easy to use process that makes UltraShape so popular, and explains why this relatively new technology to the United States holds such a high approval rating and already thousands of satisfied patients. If you live in or near the Orange County area and you are ready to see what UltraShape can do for your body contouring goals, give us a call today at 949-644-2442 and schedule your appointment with The Aesthetic Center of Orange County.